Q. Do you have Discounts?
A. Yes. We do. First of all register in our system, so we'll let you know via email, and secondly follow us on FB/Instagram.

Q. Do I need to fulfill my accurate address?
A. Yes. We ship it directly to you.

Q. Is there away to reduce shipment costs?
A. Yes, in some cases it is possible. Just make sure you order from the same product in the same order and not making separate orders.

Q. How long it takes for the shipment to arrive?
A. It depends, most of our suppliers have tracking number which you can track your package every day. it can take up to maximum 30 days but most of the time much much less.

Q. If I use centimeters, how can I calculate sizes?
A. Great question. Multiple size by 2.5 (1 inch = 2.54 centimeters)

Q. What will I do if it's not my size and it won't fit me?
A. I'm happy you ask that question because I want to say what we think about buying online. There is a risk when you buy online, of course. BUT, please consider the following mind set. When I buy something online I take the risk that it will not fit or it won't be exactly the think I thought about, in that case I give it as a present to someone I care about and I make a new order, now, with the experience I have, I make a much more exact order. That's from my perspective a win-win situation.

Q. How can I contact you and when?
A. The best way is to send us a quick message or via the form on the site, or through email to service@wbh.today, regarding working hours, we're working globally so there is a good chance that when you sleep we work and vice versa, so just drop us a quick email and be sure we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Q. How many quotes are there?
A. Probably it will be endlessly.

More questions?
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